Cynthia Anne Academy


At the Cynthia Anne Academy we strive to push our students to their full potential.

You’ll learn all you need to know from the basic fundamentals, all the way through to advanced techniques, including bridal, special occasion to full glam looks!

Makeup up is forever evolving, you can either blend in, or stand out. That's where we step in! With our modern approach, and unique training, you will leave this course inspired and ready to join this amazing industry of makeup artistry. All our courses come with a certificate of completion under the Cynthia Anne Academy. 

Founder Cynthia Anne, is a leading makeup artist known for her full glam, colorful looks. Cynthia strives to push the boundaries when it comes to makeup. Her love for it all started at a very young age, and her passion only grew stronger over the years. Cynthia started her makeup career in 2016, taking clients from a spare room at her home. Little did she know her career would take off and now owns a successful cosmetic & makeup academy in the heart of Ipswich.

Cynthia has a strong desire for teaching others all her knowledge, and skill she has acquired over the years from her career as a leading PRO makeup artist.

For information on the courses and training we offer please contact us via the details below.


PH: 0413 412 060

Address: Cynthia Anne Cosmetics - 227/229 Brisbane street, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia, 4301